Genaro Ventura

I was saved in 1968. I did not get involved in the ministry until 1980. My wife was a Catholic but she accepted the Gospel along with me.

I teach my people the Word of God, They are mostly uneducated and very poor. When someone accepts the Lord as their Savior I do my best to disciple them so they will grow up in the Lord. I hold open air evangelistic meetings and distribute tracts. I train others to work in the ministry and I work with children, leading them to Christ at an early age so they will have many years to live for the Lord Jesus Christ. I work in the slums and with the lepers. All my people need to hear the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have also started four churches and trained three men for the ministry and have led well over one hundred souls to Christ.

Our people are very poor and live in houses made of adobe. They are usually one room with a kitchen. Generally there is no electricity or indoor plumbing. When we have to go someplace we walk or if we are fortunate we can ride a donkey. Our main diet is corn. My wife grinds it on stone then makes tortillas with it for us to eat. Thank you for your financial help, it will feed my family and be a blessing to our lives.

Note from TBC:

We began supporting Bro. Ventura through the Final Frontiers program. Would you please pray for this man and his family as they serve the Lord in Guatemala.

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Romans 10:9-10

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